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          “Phase 1” of the campaign, which consisted of organic conversations with independent minded people is just about wrapping up.  I am very pleased with the quality of these interviews and feel positive that I have succeeded in articulating the key bullet points of my platform, which is ultimately all that I can do at this time.  After God, nothing is more important than the family, which is precisely where I intend to focus my energies as we head into the holiday season.  Aside from a handful of fun cultural pieces planned for release, my media availability will be subsequently reduced until after the New Year (or at least after the World Cup.) While I’ll be less visibly active during this brief suspension, I intend to lean closer to Father God as I monitor the global response to our message.  I will check back with you once I receive clear confirmation (or rejection) from he and the American people about whether or not this campaign remains viable for 2024.  Viva La Albiceleste!



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